Cholpon-Ata is a seaside resort on the north bank of the Yssyk-Kul lakes in Kyrgyzstan. The yearly population amounts to about 12,000 inhabitants.

The town contains numerous hotels, sanatoriums and guest houses from the Soviet era, in order to accommodate the numerous summer guests, who during the Sowjetian period enjoyed themselves here in organized mass holidays. Today mostly in small groups or as families spend their holidays.

Because of the relatively warm sea water, the shallow beach and the reliably warm summer weather, Cholpon-Ata enjoys great popularity among tourists from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The view over the lake south to the vast peaks of the Tian Shan Mountains is really very impressive.

Cholpon-Ata is one of the few towns on the Issyk-Kul which have their own boat harbor. In the port are small and large sailing and motor boats as well as jet skiing etc. In winter, the harbor does not freeze. So the boats can stay in the water all year round.