At the Osh Bazaar, besides fruits, spices and mountainous plants, handwork such as embroidered felt caps (Kalpaks), felt rugs and chess games with traditional Kyrgyz characters. Scented dishes with specialties such as "Manty" (stuffed pastries) or "Plow" (the national dish prepared from rice, mutton and carrots) invite you to a snack. With a cup of tea from the tea room you can quench your thirst and observe the colorful market.

The Osh Bazaar is the second-largest bazaar in Kyrgyzstan and is one of the sights of Bishkek. Here, life springs from morning till night. There feels the Europeans still a touch of Silk Road Fehling and meets a real mixture of peoples. On the colorful Osh Bazaar, there is a wide range of various goods, there you can still immerse into the atmosphere of the Orient. The Osh Bazaar is a very lively and colorful place. On the huge bazaar in Bishkek there is everything to buy: Spices, fruits, vegetables, clothing, flour and Kyrgyz specialties such as yak and horse meat.