The open air museum is located north of the former Cholpon-Ata airport, where you can admire impressive, ancient rock paintings. There are several well preserved rock drawings, petroglyphs. The sights of the more than 3-4,000-year-old petroglyphs or rock drawings of Cholpon-Ata are attributed to the ancient people of the Scythians.

Some of the petroglyphs (rock drawings) were made in the 2nd millennium BC. The voyage was not made until the 1st millennium BC. In the huge open-air museum are stone blocks with numerous petroglyphs. Representation of animals, humans, hunting scenes and rituals etc. There are many pictures of Ibex. This must have played an important role for the Scythians.

Outside of Cholpon-Ata, there are numerous other places in the Tian Shan Mountains where you can find rock drawings (petroglyphs). Over 10,000 rock drawings can be admired in Saimaluu Tash.