Quad/ATV off-road driving safety training (basic training) for all classes with and without approval. A protective clothing is required! We host before the Quad offroad tours* a safe driving training so that makes driving really fun.


  • Seat position
  • Weight transfer
  • What should I do right in the terrain?
  • Correct handling of the vehicle
  • Brakes, steering, Dodge
  • Cornering, View Guide
  • Site customer
  • Practical practicing of different terrain formations
  • Uphill and downhill, problems and pitfalls of different vehicle types
  • Terrain obstacle driving
  • Closing meeting

Course info

Course duration:
2 days with each about 8 hours per day
9:00 to 13:00, 15:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Course target:
Risks seen!
Avoid driving mistakes!
Right decision!

Course fees:
For persons with us a 4x4 or ATV off-road Tour Book the course in the tour price is included.

€ 220 all other persons

* For those individuals who participate in our tour and the safe driving course does not want to join, there is no reduction in price from the tour price or no refund!