Discover the Silk Road on your own on a quad or ATV

Discover the Silk Road on your own on a quad or ATV

Quad & ATV rental service - to lend - borrow - rent

Kymco MXU 300
CFMoto 800 V2 4x4 XL
1-6 Days
110 EUR per Day
150 EUR per Day
7-14 Days
90 EUR per Day
120 EUR per Day
15 and more Days
80 EUR per Day
100 EUR per Day
please ask
please ask
450 EUR in cash
820 EUR in cash

These conditions apply only to people who rent a Quad / ATV from us and want to discover Central Asia on their own:

Riders and quads on Central Asian roads are stressed more than in the west (Europe). Potholes, dust , gravel roads and 4,000m high passes are the reasons. There is no road assistance available in case of breakdowns. Out of these reasons we expect the renter to be able to organize or do the following repairs by himself.

  • Repair damaged tires
  • Check oil and refill
  • Check and replace spark plugs
  • Remove and clean the air filter
  • Replace brake lever


Off road tires - front and rear
12 / 23 liter tank (reach at least 180 km / 250 km)
Rear luggage rack
Quad Universal Box 97x55x43cm approx. 120 liters, lockable with 2 locks, water and dustproof
Reasonable tool kit
Tire repair kit
Air pump, two pieces of mounting levers and a tire repair kit
Electricity / engine
Spare lamps and spare spark plug
Optional equipment
  • 40 liter box black for the front luggage carrier
  • Reserve gasoline canister 5, 10 or 20 liters
  • Lashing straps / straps
  • The prices are without km restriction
  • 20% of the rental price is to be paid as a deposit. The balance is due before the start of the lease by transfer or in cash.
  • The tenant has to sign a rental contract, which describes the liability in case of damages.

For vehicle collection: security deposit, driver's license and ID card or passport

If you have any questions,
do not hesitate to contact us
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