The Konortchok Canyon have a surface of about 75 km². In the summer, the temperatures can go much over than +40° C. It is therefore the best time in the spring when the vegetation begins to blossom or in autumn when again everything in the autumn color changes. The winter is relatively mild in the canyons, it partially white farmers from the surrounding area with their sheep, goats and horses there overwinter.

For a visit to the Kongorchok canyons should calculate at least two days. The way is to enjoy some very difficult and with caution. Shortly after a thunderstorm is away impassable. It is important to wait until dry conditions on the gravel road are. The clay is in connection with water like a soft soap and in various places, the road is impassable after.

Who is there in the summer, should go early morning or late afternoon. Some bodies glow only for lunch but the heat is accordingly. This glow, if the colorful rocks are illuminated by the Sun is fascinating. It is very interesting to watch how the rocks and ravines Modified by the light of the Sun from morning again changed to evening.

It is highly recommended to provide themselves beforehand with enough food and especially drinks, since spoil you is only the sun. A good sun protection and headgear consider worth great. I find that the Canyon is one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan are.