The chong-Kemin Gorge and the Chong-Kemin Valley, is one of the most picturesque places in Kyrgyzstan. The Chong-Kemin river flowing through a canyon to the valley (transverse valley). The length of the Chong-Kemin River is 116 km. There are 7 lakes in its catchment areas. The river crosses a special protection area of the National Park Chong-Kemin State Natural.

The river flows along the bottom edge of the Gorge of the Chong Kemin 150 km east of Bishkek. The Chong Kemin gorge has a width of 6 kilometers and is 12 km long. The whole valley is covered with green meadows, the steep slopes of the Gorge are covered with pine forests. In combination with the glaciers on the mountain ridges, they form an unforgettable and impression full panorama.

The National Park in the Chong Kemin Valley is a unique natural spectacle of variety of flora and fauna. The landscape is characterised by semi-deserts and glaciers. The National Park has an area of 500 hectares, its height increases gradually from 1,400 m to 2,800 m. The Park is under the protection of the State, protect the unique landscape with its variety of flora and fauna.

Chong-Kemin is a unique nature reserve, where the landscape is preserved almost in virgin state. The glaciers are surrounded with green pine forests and steppe regions. Chong-Kemin is a paradise for fans of extreme and lovers of picturesque places. There, everyone will find what he is looking for, if there are dangerous streams or steep slopes, or whether you want to enjoy nature.

The Chong-Kemin Valley extends over a length of about 60 km. The Chong-Kemin valley of Kazakhstan is over the Almaty Ashuu Pass (3,599 m) from to reach. From Kyrgyzstan the Chong-Kemin Valley on the Kök-Ank Ashuu pass (3,931 m) is from Cholpon-Ata to reach. But unfortunately only from mid-July to mid-September. A much lighter and less complicated route which almost throughout the year is possible to get over the Chong-Kemin gorge in the valley.