Quad & UTV Side by Side Rental service - to lend - borrow - rent
(Silk Road & Pamir Highway M41)

Quad & ATV rent

Kymco MXU 300 & CFMoto 800 V2

You have no own Quad (more) or would you like to drive your personal dreamquad once?
You know that definitely. On vacation with child and cone. Beautiful routes - the own baby but is at home in the garage …

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UTV Side by Side rent

CFMoto ZForce 800 EX V2 EFI

Discover the Silk Road on your own in a UTV Side by Side!

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Quad tours - Off-road - ATV Tours

Quad tours - M41 Pamir Highway

Off-road Quad tours - M41 Pamir Highway

The off-road Quad tours along the M41 Pamir Highway takes us through three high mountain ranges, the Alay-, Tian Shan and Pamir Mountains. In the first few days, we will explore the Tian Shan mountains and enjoy one of the most impressive and fascinating Flora and Fauna.

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ATV tours - Tian Shan Mountains

Off-road ATV tours - Tian Shan Mountains

There is hardly any other mountain range has so many different faces as the Tian Shan Mountains: Dry desert-like mountain ranges, densely forested, switch from mountain streams flowing through valleys and high alpine glacier regions in a confined space. A high-alpine landscape of great diversity, fascination and attraction!

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ATV tours - Taklamakan Desert

Off-road ATV tours - Taklamakan Desert (China)

The rivers and Lakes of the Tian Shan and Pamir Mountains are unique as well as the fantastic landscapes of the individual regions. The Taklamakan Desert, M41 Pamir Highway, Silk Road and the Meteor Crater are only some striking points on the tour in the Taklamakan desert.

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Quad tours - Kegety Pass

Off-road Quad tours - Kegety Pass (3.785 m)

The tour to the Kegety Pass and then continue in the Konortchok Canyons is one but slightly more demanding tour. Along this tour, we repeatedly come in smaller towns where we meet a small insight into the life, Culture, Tradition and hospitality of the Kyrgyz.

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Chong Kemin national park

Off-road ATV tours - Chong Kemin national park

The Chong Kemin National Park and the Konortchok Canyons are only two of many fantastic areas in Kyrgyzstan. The highlights of the tour are the Kök-Ank Pass (3,931 m) and the Konortchok canyons. The area around the Issyk Kul Lake is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Kyrgyzstan.

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Motorcycle transport Motorcycle Tours - Bike shuttle
Bludenz (Austria) – Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)

A motorcycle shuttle brings many benefits. When you planning a trip to another country, with your own motorcycle. Represents one of the most negative factors is the long and therefore inconvenient arrival with your own bike. Long highway rides are with the bike not only uncomfortable, but also involve an element of risk.

Enjoy the benefits of a smooth organization, leave your motorcycle loaded and transported by us. Climb comfortably on a airplane and take your bike at your destination in reception.

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