In the northeast of Tajikistan, the M41 Pamir Highway crossed his highest point. The Ak-Baital Pass is with 4,655 meters the highest pass of the Pamir Highway. Then passes the Pamir Highway the Lake Karakul. Before he crosses the border to Kyrgyzstan on the Kyzyl-art pass on 4,290 m above sea level. Here leave the Pamir Highway northward the Pamir mountains and crosses the Alay mountains.

At the Ak-Baital pass makes the altitude of 4,655 meters very well noticeable. Each Physical effort becomes a challenge. Nevertheless is the Panorama at the Pass sensational and breathtaking.


East - West


4,655 m

Region / District

Region Gorno-Badakhshan - District Chorugh


Valley communities

Muzkol - Murgab


Winter closure

Depending on snow conditions short-term winter locks are possible.


38° 33′ 39.4″ N 73° 35′ 51″ E

Special features