Off-road Quad tours - M41 Pamir Highway

Exklusiv Off-road Quad Tour - M41 Pamir Highway
Is a historical journey through time through unforgettable Regions

The motorcycle tour along the M41 Pamir Highway takes us through two high mountain ranges, the Pamir and Tian Shan Mountains. In the first days we are explore the Tian Shan and enjoy one of the fascinating mountain scenery of the Tian Shan. From the village of Sary-Tash, then begins the Pamir mountains.

The Pamir is a mountain range in Central Asia, which is counted to the roof of the world. The area of Pamir is covered with about 1,200 km² of the glaciers and ice. The Kongur Tagh with 7,649 m is the highest peak in the Pamir massif and is located in the Chinese province of Xinjiang.

The M41 Pamir Highway, is officially a part of the highway M41, the main thoroughfare of the Pamir mountains in Central Asia. It is the only road connecting the eastern Tajik region of Gorno-Badakhshan and after the Karakorum Highway, the second highest paved highway in the world.

In the course of this tour, we come again in smaller towns like Sary-Tash, Chaek etc. in the we a small insight into the life, the culture, traditions and hospitality of the Kyrgyz population. If we get the opportunity we will stay in a yurt.

For individuals are also various recreational activities available: climbing, hiking, archery, swimming or hors riding unless if we are have horses.

Travel Overview
Date of travel
Jul. 27th until Aug. 17th 2019
Length of trip
21 Days
Hotels 3 to 4 Stars
Jurta and Tent
min. 4 to max. 8
Accompanying persons max. 8
Degree of difficulty
Q1 to Q3
Length of the tour
approx. 2,800 km

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The above mentioned prices are excl. Flight.
Flight costs on request.

E.g. Vienna - Bishkek Round trip including all taxes, fees and surcharges already from € 390


Please note the application deadline no later than April 29th, 2018. (retrieval dates for required official permits, etc.)

Please plan for this tour an additional 2-3 days, since it may lead to unforeseen incidents repeatedly. (Roadblocks due to falling rocks, etc.)

Tour guide
Wolfgang Tschertou

Wolfgang Tschertou

Since 2006, I am average between 8 and 10 months per year in Kyrgyzstan. Originally I wanted to spend there only a vacation with the quad, but I fell in love with the scenery, culture and tradition there. Initially I beat myself by with English, hands and feet only (body language). Today I speak ever - in my opinion - passable Russian. My hobbies besides the quad and motorcycle riding include hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing and archery and photographing. I never thought that this landscape so fascinated me, that I am every year on the new happy to go there and to share my favorite landscapes with you.

  • The world's largest natural Walnut forests (30,000 hectares)
  • Shor-Kul and Rang-Kul lake on 3,790 m
  • In a very good distance vision, you can enjoy a look at the following summits: K2 with 8,611 m, Peak Lenin with 7,134 m, Nanga Parbat with 8,125 m and der Gasherbrum Shan with 8,080 m

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Some milestones of the ATV tours - Motorcycle tours

Kyzyl-Tuu, Kegety Pass 3,780 m, Chaek, Jalal-Abad, Osh, Taldyk-Pass 3,615 m, Kyzyl-Art Pass 4,290 m & border crossing to Tajikistan, Karakul Lake 3,920 m, Ak-Baital Ashuu Pass 4,655 m, Meteor crater on 3,690 m, Dushanbe, Toktogul reservoir, Töö Ashuu pass 3,586 m and back to Kyzyl-Tuu (Airport Manas arrival and departure)

1st - 2nd Day
Arrival at Manas airport, all participants are complete, we start immediately on the way in the direction of Kyzyl-Tuu (Moschutka - minibus or Jeep). In Kyzyl-Tuu, already the ATV's or motorcycles waiting for the acquisition from where the tour can now start properly. The route of airport Manas to Kyzyl-Tuu is approx. 45 km and takes 45 minutes.

In the late afternoon, there's a safety briefing for all participants with regard to driving safety, behaviour in case of an emergency, etc. Similarly, a practical and theoretical enrollment with the ATV's for a short tour to explore the terrain and put theory into practice.

3rd Day
The next morning at about 7:00 the breakfast is then announced and then it goes in the direction of the Kegety Pass. To the night camp at the Kegety Pass, the route is very changeable and can already guess what still stand before us in the next two days to hardships. The night camp is built in a suitable place on the way to the pass. (Dinner around the campfire)

4th Day
After a hearty breakfast it then goes up to the Kegety Pass. The line is already a very challenging ride for man and ATV to the pass. Should one or the other one or the other section of the route not want to drive yourself, from whatever reason, so take the tour guide the ATV's and bring them out of difficult situations. At the pass then we enjoy a fantastic panorama you will not forget. On Song-Kul we then have the option in a yurt camp to sleep. There we can enjoy a fantastic starrs sky at night.

5th Day
The next morning we go to direction of Jalal-Abad and Osh. From the Son-Kul Lake it goes to the Moldo Ashuu pass 3,346 m to the AK Valley. Our route goes over Kazarman, Kaldamo Pass and to Jalal-Abad. In Jalal-Abad or Osh one night awaits us in a cozy guest house with shower and a nice dinner.

6th Day
In the region around Jalal-Abad, we meet for the first time on the highway M41. Until Osh there are still around 145 km away. From where we then the M41 Pamir Highway follow towards to the Tajikistani border. We have to cross two passes on the way to the Tajik border. The first pass is the Taldyk Pass with 3,615 m and is also the final pass for us in Alay Mountains. From the pass we continue to Sary-Tash and on to Kyzyl-art Pass with 4,290 m. We will try to reach the base camp of the Lenin peak and to build our night camp.

7th - 8th Day
After a hearty breakfast we up then continue to the Kyzyl-art pass where the border control (Tajikistan - Kyrgyzstan) waiting for us. After the customs continue in the direction of Badakhshan National Park. The first stop will be the Karakul Lake of 3,920 m. Afterwards, we continue to the Shor Kul and the Rang-Kul on 3.780 m. The nearest station is then the Meteor Crater on 3,690 m and also is our last stop for the day. Then let us find a suitable place to night camp and end the day. There is also possibility that we could stay in a guest house in Murghab.

9th - 11th Day
From Murgab we then in the direction of Tyrchit. The route passes many small villages. With Tyrchit we have arrived at the southernmost point of our trip. At the same time we have the first half of our trip behind us. Somewhere between Tyrchit and Rüshan we will try to find a quiet night camp. Depending on the weather outdoors or in a guesthouse.

12th - 14th Day
From our camp we continue to Chumdon where we have the opportunity to make a short day tour to the Tajik capital Dushanbe. Then it goes back in the direction of Sary-Tash. We will try again and again to take short excursions on foot or with the horses. Arrived in Sary-Tash joins our circle and we're back on familiar territory. Near Karamyk we will cross again the border to Kyrgyzstan.

15th - 16th Day
In the next two days we will again try to reach Jalal-Abad. The distance between Sary-Tash and Jalal-Abad should still be in our memories actually. In Osh we will stay in a guest house and roughing the dust from the M41 Pamir Highway down. Then it's on towards Jalal-Abad and Toktogul Reservoir.

17th - 18th Day
From Toktogul reservoir to Kyzyl-Tuu it is about two days. Depending on the condition of each participant, we can take a few isolated small expeditions. On the high plateau Kekemeren valley - Suusamyr We also have the opportunity with the horses to enjoy a ride out before we go back to Kyzyl-Tuu.

19th - 20th Day
The next day, everyone is free terrain to explore to about 16:00. After that, the last stage is taken and driven back to Kyzyl-Tuu. Then the last time will be stayed in Kyzyl-Tuu (hotel).

21th Day
The next morning after breakfast the individual participants are brought back Manas Airport where from any of his journey home rejoins to. We hope that you will take some unforgettable moment of Pamir and Tian-Shan mountains.


Because of bad weather and possible technical problems (faulty tires, ATV or engine damage due to accidents, etc.) can lead to deviations from the above Itinerary. We ask for your understanding, should one or the other daily routines are not met.

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All tours have expeditions character and take place in all weather conditions.

The services listed below may differ from the individual tour something. The trip starts and ends in Kyzyl-Tuu or on / from the destination airport. Changes by "force majeure" are possible.


  • Full board (3 meals a day)
  • 2 x Airport transfer (round-trip)
  • Pro motorcycle or quad is made a radio and a mobile phone available for the duration of the tour.
  • ATV with 300cc maintained and serviced in accordance with European standard
  • Flight and accommodation by price -list.
  • Available map.
  • Hot meals will be issued on a daily basis if necessary.
  • There has items for meeting.
  • Tour guides accompany each tour personally Wolfgang Tschertou. (depending on group size as several tour guides)
  • Daily operational meetings (morning).
  • Satellite phone is always on safety.
  • The kit corresponds to the Austrian air rescue service.
  • Services Baggage Handling begins and ends at the Manas airport in Bishkek.
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch break at all stages (a picnic or a full dinner)
  • Dinner in the tent with tea and coffee in the mornings and evenings
  • For a small advance payment given lemonade, beer and wine
    (if you do not need to go further, according to the rules of Kyrgyzstan 0.0. GLOC).
  • Journey to the camping (each participant has its own sleeping bag).
  • Tents will be provided to the services of us.
  • Photo and video materials available at the end of each round.
  • A memorable gift.

Not provided by services:

  • Insurance, baggage, accident, trip interruption and car insurance
  • International airfare and taxes and any fees
  • Individual excursions and tours as well as expenses of a personal nature
  • Not in the program mentioned additional services
  • Alcoholic beverages such as vodka, liquor, beer, wine, etc.
  • Single room supplement
  • The personnel costs and rental of personal equipment (sleeping bag, water bottle, flashlight, etc.)
  • Additional costs due to personal problems (health, loss of baggage, etc.)

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Entry Requirements

Since July 2012, visitors need from the following countries:

Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Vatican, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Ireland, South Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia, Qatar, Brunei and Bahrain

no visa for a stay up to 60 days. For a stay longer than 60 days a visa is required. For more information, please contact the appropriate for you Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic.


We recommend that you vaccinate against tetanus, diphtheria, polio and hepatitis. Details can be obtained from an independent information service for tourists about health risks abroad by telephone.: 0900/1234-999 (€ 1,80 per minute). Internet address:

Important Information

Flight delays, adverse weather conditions or other organizational problems, unforeseen factors may lead to changes in the trip. At present, Kyrgyzstan has a relatively small tourist infrastructure and requires that all passengers have the willingness to adapt to the simple relationship and abandon comfort. Please note that holidays may lead to the restoration work or surprising (despite the careful planning and coordination with authorities and tourist offices) to the unexpected closing of attractions. It goes without saying that the purpose of your travel through our agency and reach all points of the program, nevertheless, we can not provide for the faithful execution of this announcement no guarantee. We apologize for any inconvenience. In addition, we explicitly point out that you Accepted participate in the trip at your own risk.


In the areas visited, one can distinguish 4 vertical effective climate zones: in the areas of the valley from 500/600 M - M 900/1.000, summers are hot, with average + 20 ° C to +25 ° C (max. 47 ° C when measured by the summer time) increasing altitude, the temperature drops. Temperate climate and at altitudes of 900/1.200 m - 2.000/2.200 m, summer is warm, the average annual temperature in July and 18/19 ° C. At altitudes of 2.000/2.200 - 3.000/3.500 m cold summer months, shows the annual average in July, is +11 ° C to +16 ° C. At altitudes of 3500 m and above, the climate is harsh and sometimes cold with frequent precipitation (snow), even at the bottom of this zone, the temperature increase on average no more than 4 ° to 7 ° C.

Precipitations vary from region to region: in the 1st part of our Tracking the changes in climate on average 250-400 mm of precipitation in the southern part of Lake Issyk - Kul 900 mm of rain where we were at the 2 nd stage of the trek. At the beginning and end of the summer rains often.

Accordingly, you need a warm outfit. Breathable, warm and waterproof windproof clothing (sweater, jacket, protection from rain) for this trip.

Please pay attention to our detailed Price - List of equipment that you will receive after registration.


Please pay attention to our detailed Price - List of equipment that you will receive after registration.

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