Over the Chong Ashuu Pass (3,822 m) which is the only access road to Engilchek city and Engilchek glacier. In this part of Kyrgyzstan is also equal to some 7,000 summit.

The Jengish Chokusu (Pobeda Peak oder Dschengisch Tschokusu) is the highest mountain in the Tian Shan Mountains system and is 7,439 meters high. The Khan Tengri with 7,010 meters is the second highest mountain in the Tian Shan mountains and is only surpassed by the Jengish Chokusu (Pobeda Peak or Dschengisch Tschokusu).


North - South


3,822 m

Region / District

Region Issyk-Kul - District Ak-Suu


Valley communities

Ak-Bulak - Engilchek

Winter closure

Between November and March there may be short term work locks depending on snow conditions. Directly on the Pass is the home from the snow and rubble evacuation command.


42° 23' 23.04" N 79° 3' 44.87" E

Special features

The gravel road A364 is to ride without any major problems and with any vehicle.