The Söök Ashuu pass (4,024 m) connects the villages of Barskoon and Kara-say. Before you reach the Söök pass you must be overcome first the Barskoon pass (3,819 m). With good 4,024 meters, it is one of the few passes of Kyrgyzstan lead the more than 4,000 meters. From the plateau Barskoon at about 3,780 meters above sea level then it goes up to the pass at 4,024 meters.

Then it goes back down to about 3,350 meters still to Kara-Say. At these heights already caution with respect to altitude sickness. If symptoms occur such as dizziness or headache so you have tried immediately be to get back down. It should be dismounted at least 500 meters.


North - South


4,024 m

Region / District

Region Issyk-Kul - District Jeti-Oguz



Valley communities

Barskoon - Kara-Say

Winter closure

Depending on snow conditions short-term winter locks are possible


41° 47' 0.02" N 77° 45' 35.55" E

Special features

Good gravel road