On the way to the Jalpak Bel (Jalakbel) Ashuu pass (3,300 m) up is one of the largest marble quarries of Kyrgyzstan. The marble is quarried there with heavy equipment. Immediately afterwards, there is a huge yak herd I can admire every year.

The rise on the western side of the pass is quite unspectacular. I'm always amazed that it is still up to an altitude of 3,300 meters. Nevertheless, there is a fascinating panorama that still has everyone excited.


East - West


3,300 m

Region / District

Region Naryn - District Kochkor


Valley communities

Jer-Köchkü - Uzun-Bulak

Winter closure

Depending on snow conditions short-term winter locks are possible


41° 49' 25.14" N 76° 29' 13.88" E

Special features

Good gravel road